Your support of my business and the work we've done in the community has been key to my personal growth and success, as well as the growth & success of my company, Viva The Life Properties LLC. As we continue into this new year, we are excited to continue this journey with you.

I became a realtor in 2004. Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen my share of ups and downs. From personal losses to amazing victories. From the birth of my beautiful daughter to the death of my father. As time has passed, I've become more and more passionate about my relationships, how I spend my time, and living a healthier, more sustainable life. My true passion lies in making a difference in people’s lives, one home at a time.
I’ve also become keenly aware of how fragile I am, and how fragile all life is on this amazing planet we call Earth. I feel a responsibility and calling to do what I can to take care of it. I believe this calling is inextricably linked to making a difference in the lives of people around me, one home at a time.
The people whom we most love and cherish are typically the people whom we live with in our homes. This is why I've become singularly focused on helping my clients, friends and neighbors make their Homes Healthier and more Sustainable. More sustainable for them financially, and also more sustainable for our planet.

Here are some key facts about homes:

Our homes play a central role in the consumption of energy and resources, as well as in environmental impacts like greenhouse gas emissions, habitat destruction, and pollution. Addressing the sustainability of residential living is essential for mitigating the ecological footprint of our homes.
We live in a time of life changing technological advances. We can now work from home and shop from home. We spend more time in our homes than ever before. Our homes have become our offices, our gyms, and the place where we do most of our shopping.
Upgrading our homes to make fit the demands we have placed on them is paramount. Yet, making our homes healthier can be costly. This is why I’m focused on helping my clients, friends and neighbors to improve their homes with what I consider a no brainer. Especially for homes in the District of Columbia. Through my research and interactions, I’ve discovered the substantial financial benefits of going Solar. The potential savings and environmental impact are remarkable. I believe it's an opportunity everyone should consider.
We spend more time in our homes than ever before. This is why I've begun the Viva the Healthy Life Initiative, which is singularly focused on Making our Homes Healthy.
The Viva The Healthy Life Initiative has 5 Pillars:
  1. Internal Air Quality - Air Purification Systems
  2. Water Quality - Water Filtration Systems
  3. Food - Healthy Fridges. Smart Pantries. And Edible Landscapes & Home Gardens
  4. Lighting - Helping our mood. Making our homes more beautiful. And correcting our Circadian Rhythm by syncing our sleep to the solar cycle.
  5. Getting off the Grid - by lowering our Carbon Footprint and our Energy bill by going Solar.
We’ve formed a partnership with Sustainable-You, a pioneering organization dedicated to eco-friendly living solutions, particularly in Solar Energy. Sustainable You is a Solar Energy Brokerage. It is not a Solar Panel installer. Instead, Sustainable You works with all the reputable installation companies in the DMV. When you consult with a Sustainable You consultant, you’re working with a team of individuals whose goal is to provide you with the best solar energy solution available.
The potential savings and environmental impact of going Solar are remarkable. I believe it's an opportunity everyone should consider. Sustainable You specializes in tailoring solar solutions to your family’s individual needs. They will prepare a personalized proposal for your home to give you a clear idea of the savings and the potential income you can generate from switching to solar.
Going Solar will not only help your wallet. It will positively impact the environment we all so desperately need to protect. The incentives for solar installations in DC are currently among the best in the country, making it an opportune time to explore this option. Moreover, I’m thrilled to inform you about a completely free solar option for those not looking to purchase their Solar. You can benefit from the lower energy bills without having to come out of pocket!
I’d love to hear from you! A huge part of my job is to answer questions, and if I can’t answer them, to get you the answers you seek. We’d love to provide you with a proposal that would include a design of your future solar system, a delineation of your future savings, a thorough examination of your roof, and a list of equipment that would be used. FYI, the Solar Installation Process we provide includes solar professionals, roofing professionals, and electricians. My intent, as always, is to provide additional value to you, so that you are best informed of the best options for you and your family.

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