Glover Park

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The Neighborhood:

Glover Park is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C.,  Housing in Glover Park is a mix of apartment buildings and porch-front rowhouses built in the 1920s and 1930s. Every morning and evening, Glover Park residents can hear the Naval Observatory play the sounding of colors synchronized to the nation’s Master Clock. Local claims to fame include several embassies, including the sprawling Embassy of Russia in Washington (with its legendary tunnels beneath) and the Visa Office of the Chinese embassy. Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park is home to a variety of restaurants and other businesses. Guy Mason Park is between Wisconsin Avenue and the Naval Observatory just south of Calvert Street, and is the location of a softball diamond, a playground for small children, and an unofficial enclosed dog park. Guy Mason Park is also the location of the annual Glover Park Day festival, held in early June.

The neighborhood’s elementary schoolBenjamin Stoddert Elementary, is one of the most highly rated schools in the District. Neighborhood Cluster 14 (Glover Park, Cathedral Heights, and McLean Gardens) has one of the lowest crime rates in the District. Glover Park residents harvest crops from small, individual garden plots in the two Victory gardens leased from the National Park Service. On the field adjacent to Stoddert Elementary, Glover Park has hosted the Glover Park Co-ed Softball League, one of the Washington Metropolitan Area‘s most well-known co-ed slow pitch softball leagues, since 1982. DC Stoddert Soccer, a nonprofit league with over 5,000 players, was founded on this field and takes its name from it.

The local public schools are operated by the District of Columbia Public Schools.


Glover Park is about a half mile north of Georgetown and just west of the United States Naval Observatory and Number One Observatory Circle (the Vice President’s mansion).  The neighborhood’s western border is an extension of Rock Creek Park called Glover-Archbold Park. Glover Park’s northern border is Fulton Street, near the Washington National Cathedral, and its southern border is Whitehaven Park, another branch of Rock Creek Park, and beyond that the Burleith neighborhood. To the east of the neighborhood lies Woodley Park, and to the north is Cathedral Heights.

A Little History:

The neighborhood is named for Washingtonian Charles Carroll Glover, an influential late 19th and early 20th century banker and philanthropist. He is credited with the creation of the city’s Rock Creek Park system and with an influential role in the creation of Embassy Row through generous land donations. He is also considered the father of the National Zoo and Rock Creek Parkway.

The family of Charles Glover pronounces their last name so that it rhymes with “cover.” However, many people in Washington, including longtime residents, newcomers, and even theWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) pronounce the name so it rhymes with “clover.”


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