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The Burleith Neighborhood:

Burleith is a moderately upscale neighborhood in Washington, D.C. The neighborhood is home to some Georgetown University students and is also home to the French embassy. It is commonly referred to by residents as “the neighborhood that never sleeps”.

In 1925 the Burleith Citizens Association was developed to deal with civic and social issues concerning the neighborhood. Previous civil issues have included parking, noise control, traffic lights, and the relationship with their neighbor, Georgetown University. Relations between the student community and year-round residents have seen periodic strains. The Association also plans social activities, such as picnics and children events.

The western third of Burleith is a 24-hour gated community called Hillandale; some consider this a separate neighborhood but it is technically part of Burleith.


Burleith is bordered byWisconsin Avenue to the East, Reservoir Road and the historic Georgetown district to the south, Whitehaven Park to the North and Glover Archbold Park to the West.

A Little History:

The history of Burleith can be traced back to 1886 when the Huidekoper family came into ownership of the Burleith tract of land. During their tenure as residents, they built a few buildings, but kept most of the land as woods and fields. In 1922 the Huidekeopers sold the land to Shannon and Luchs, Inc. Instead of keeping the land in its natural state like the previous owners, Shannon and Luchs decided to hire an architect to develop the area. The architect designed homes with moderate prices between $8,950-$13,500 that were targeted for middle class residents with higher than average taste.


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