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The Neighborhood:

Potomac MD is a census-designated place (CDP) in Montgomery CountyMaryland, named for the nearby Potomac River. In 2013, CNNMoney.com listed Potomac as the most affluent town in all the United States based on median house income. Potomac is also the seventh most top-educated American small town according to Forbes. In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek labeled Potomac as the twenty-ninth richest zip code in all of the United States in 2011 and had the largest population of any U.S. town to have a median income of more than $240,000. It is also tied with three other zip codes (all within the Upper West Side or Upper East Side of Manhattan) for the greatest concentration of the “1 percent” in America. Many Potomac residents work in nearby Washington, D.C. Potomac is home to many of the state’s best schools, some are ranked nationally. The geographical focal point is Potomac Village, a small cluster of upscale shops and businesses at the intersection of Maryland State Highway 189, where two gas stations (Sunoco and British Petroleum), and two grocery stores (Safeway and Giant) serve the area.

Each year during mid-October, local business and community participate in Potomac Day, a celebration of the community and the year’s happenings. Events include a parade, a crafts show, food vendors, and giveaways. Potomac Day is normally held in Potomac Village.


Potomac is located at the intersection of Maryland State Highway 189 (Falls Road, which connects the Great Falls of the Potomac River in the south to Rockville in the north) and Maryland State Highway 190 (River Road, which runs from western Montgomery County into Washington, D.C.).

A Little History:

The land which is now Potomac Village was first settled by Edward Offutt in 1714 after he was granted a 600-acre (2.4 km2) land grant “Clewerwell” by Lord Baltimore. Throughout the 18th century, what became known as Offutts Crossroads was a small, rural community which served planters and travelers. By the time of the Civil War, the community contained two general stores, a blacksmith shop, and a post office which served a community of 100.

Offutts Crossroads was renamed Potomac in 1881 by John McDonald. An Irishman and veteran of the Civil War, McDonald settled in Potomac around that time. By the turn of the 20th century, Potomac experienced a period of growth. Potomac was one of many communities in Montgomery County to experience suburbanization, in which Potomac quickly transformed from a rural farming community to a suburban community from the mid to late 20th century.

Numerous original buildings within Potomac Village have been demolished for the construction of strip malls and modern office buildings. However, in the surrounding area, many of the old farmhouses remain, though some are confined within suburban developments.


  • Most transportation in Potomac is done by automobile
  • On-call Limousine services
  • Commuter Transport Services.

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