Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Your house is so much more than a place you live. It expresses who you are and what moves you. Every piece of furniture or light fixture you choose sets the tone of your home's identity, so when your decor doesn't reflect your current tastes, it can make your space feel bland or uninspired. By adding your personal touches, you can create the luxury oasis of your dreams. No matter the size and scale of the project you want to take on, here are some of the best luxury home design trends of 2023.

Add curved furniture for greater contrast

Whether you live in a historic rowhouse or a contemporary new build, creating visual interest is paramount to luxury design. This includes adding contrast throughout the space to showcase your property's best features. If you live in a contemporary house with sleek, modern finishes, the interior can feel dramatic and austere. By incorporating curved furniture into your design, you can make your home feel more inviting, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing.

Statement lighting redefines the space

Are you searching for a high-impact design at an affordable price? One of the dramatic changes you can make to any space is by updating your lighting. If your lighting fixtures are builder-grade or generic, it's time to upgrade. Choose lighting solutions that will create a significant impact on your space, such as a grand crystal chandelier in your foyer or a bold, brightly colored light fixture for a more modern design. With so many lighting options out there, the possibilities are endless.

Go for bold, earthy color combinations

In recent years, the most common color trends seen in homes were cool tones or stark neutrals, such as grays and whites. And while those tones highlighted the angular designs often found in contemporary homes, many homeowners are turning to more natural palettes to offset the harsh tones. Choose earthy colors, such as rich shades of brown and green, to add warmth and coziness to your space. You can easily incorporate earthy tones by adding custom wood furniture and lush throw pillows for your living areas.

Exposed details create a major impact

If your home is modern or industrial, you must find ways to add warmth to the space. By showcasing exposed details, you are not only adding much-needed dimension to the space but also creating a conversation piece. Exposed details, such as wood beams or exposed brick walls, add a ton of architectural interest to any room, especially in the kitchen and living room.

Add custom rooms centered around your lifestyle

When redesigning your space, the only rule you need to follow is that the design caters to your needs. If you live in a historic mansion, repurpose any extra rooms to fit your lifestyle. If you don't need a third guest bedroom, convert it to something you know you will use all the time. Creating custom spaces for modern sensibilities is crucial to luxury design.

Home gym

For many, staying active is integral to their physical and mental health, so why not create a space dedicated to preserving your well-being? Your home gym doesn't have to be loaded with Pelatons or weight machines if those aren't the type of exercises that inspire you to work out. Create a home gym catered to your fitness journey. This could be a dance studio, an indoor pickleball court, or even a temperature-controlled space for hot yoga.

Home offices

Working from home has become more prevalent in recent years. As a result, home offices are one of the most popular features in luxury homes. Convert an unused space or spare bedroom into an office, or take on a renovation project to create the home office of your dreams. When upgrading your home office, don't be afraid to add luxury features, including custom shelves and top-of-the-line furniture.

Home theater

Do you love watching movies but hate being part of the crowd? A home theater might be the custom room you have always needed. Home theaters hold a certain appeal in luxury design, and in 2023, having a private home theater has never been more popular. Convert your unused basement into the media room of your dreams and enjoy the magic of the theater without leaving your home.

Home studios

Not only has remote work become more common, but we are also seeing more and more people build successful careers in music, podcasts, and other creative fields. As such, there's been an unprecedented demand for fully-equipped home studios. Upgrades in high-end technology, lighting, and soundproofing are some of the many ways to invest in a luxury home studio.

Integrate indoor and outdoor living spaces 

For many, luxury isn't limited to indoor spaces. More and more homeowners are making serious investments in their outdoor spaces, whether it be a resort-style pool, an outdoor kitchen, or a high-end deck with custom seating. Create the ultimate entertainment space of your dreams by adding plush outdoor furniture, a hot tub, a high-definition television, outdoor ceiling fans, and more.

Eco-friendly features for your home

For many people, decreasing their carbon footprint is a high priority — so much so that prospective homeowners are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly home solutions. Not only do these features increase your home's potential resale value, but homeowners who install eco-friendly features also tend to see savings on their energy bills. Some luxury eco-friendly features you can add to your home include LED lighting, tankless water heaters, and solar panels.

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